TYPHON 103759 2300 mAh Li-Polymer Battery

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Model: TP103759
Type: Li-Po, Lithium Polymer
Voltage: 3.7V
Capacity: 2.3Ah - 2300 mAh
Dimensions: 59 * 37 * 10 mm
Weight: 50 gr
Protection Circuit: PCM - 1.5 A

Li-Po Battery

A lithium polymer battery or LiPo, is a rechargeable battery of lithium-ion technology using a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid electrolyte. High conductivity semisolid polymers form this electrolyte. These batteries provide higher specific energy than other lithium battery types and are used in applications where weight is a critical feature, like mobile devices and radio-controlled aircraft. Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries are a newer type of battery now used in many consumer electronics devices. They have been gaining in popularity in the radio control industry over the last few years, and are now the most popular choice for anyone looking for long run times and high power.


Much lighter weight, and can be made in almost any size or shape.

Much higher capacities, allowing them to hold much more power.

Much higher discharge rates, meaning they pack more punch.


Much shorter lifespan; LiPos average only 150–250 cycles.

The sensitive chemistry can lead to fire if the battery gets punctured.

Need special care for charging, discharging, and storage.


Lithium polymer battery in agriculture: Animal food device, fertilization, fertilizer, fish feeding device, irrigation.

Lithium polymer battery in automotive equipment: Car alarm, car stereo, eCall solution, oil injection, vehicle tracking, car key, car lighting, key lights, removable flashlight.

Lithium polymer battery in communication: Bluetooth headset, cellular phones, cordless phones, handy terminal, mobile phones, modems, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDA), personal mobile radios(PMR), satellite phones, smart phones, walkie-talkie.

Lithium polymer battery in consumer: Alarm system, aquarium food devices, bicycle computer, birdcage feeders, CD players, consumer device, digital cameras, electronic calculators, electronic database, electronic games, home security station, intelligent toys, laser pointers, MP3/MP4/MP5 players, music greeting cards, digital photo albums, portable DVDs, remote control, scent dispensers, shavers, solar application, watches, bike lights, flashlights, head lamps, mini flashlights (LED), rechargeable torchlights, scuba lights, solar lights, hearing aids.

Lithium polymer battery in industrial: Clock modules, dispensers, display feed units, fuel cells, jack lifter systems, lubrication, lubricator point of sales(POS), scanner (bar code readers), sensing timers, timer systems, vaccination emergency lights, portable lighting work lights, memory back-up (MBU), real time clock (RTC).

Lithium polymer battery in medical: Automatic pipette, blood pressure devices, blood sugar indicators, body fat monitors, dosing system, insulin pump, thermometers, veterinary medicines.

Lithium polymer battery in metering: Analysis, data collectors, electricity meters, energy harvesting backup, gas meters, GPS terminal, heat cost allocators, heat meters, measurement portable sensors, road-toll transponders, sensors, sensor networks, smoke detectors, water meters. 

Protection Circuit Module - PCM                                          

PCM is widely applied in rechargeable Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer and LiFePO4 batteries. Normal voltage of li-ion/li-polymer battery must be within 2.75V (min) to 4.3V (max.), normal voltage of LiFePO4 battery must be within 2.0V (min) to 3.65V (max.). PCM function is as safety devices during charging and discharging.

Major Functions:

Overcharge protection

Over discharge protection

Overcurrent protection

Overheat protection (NTC)—It can be selected

Short circuit protection